Friday, July 06, 2007

Got to save one more for Jesus

One group of guys had been hosting a nightly open prayer meeting. Dave reports that "now they are passionately going after souls." They have come up with the slogan: Got to save one more for Jesus. They have put this slogan on their T-shirts. (The inmate that they asked to draw this on the first T-shirt wasn't a Christian, but now he is one!)

Every once in a while this group of men, each wearing their T-shirt, has been boldly walking among the other inmates telling them about the Lord. As a result of their efforts, several inmates have decided to follow Jesus.

It's been so successful Dave wants his own shirt now. Maybe these guys could go into business together when they get out.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Where I've Been

It's been forever since I've posted. We have decided to do a "rebirth" of the church I pastor. Rochester Vineyard Christian Church is becoming Grace Church. New name (though we're still affiliated with Vineyard), and a new identity.

All this has taken quite a bit of my time. I have been going into the jail, though not as frequently. Most of my time has been dedicated to getting the new church off the ground. I'm not sure how often I'll be posting here. I need to take care of things on the home front. But my hope and prayer is that when inmates I meet do come out of jail, there will be a healthy, grace-filled church to which they can come and experience continued life transformation.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Help with countering "Da Vinci Code"

Trey has been reading The Da Vinci Code and it has really done a number on him. He is relatively young in the faith, and the stuff in this book has planted seeds of doubt in him. I'm really angry about that—not at him, but at this book! He was making steady progress, getting stronger, enduring mocking and encouraging other inmates. Then, it seems, that the devil went on the counterattack.

Trey is a reader; I believe he would be helped if he could get his hands on something intellectually sound from a Christian perspective. If anyone knows of solid Christian resources to refute the false claims made in this book, I would appreciate you posting a comment.

Thanks. And please pray for Trey.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Something better

From Dave:

Early yesterday evening, there were several inmates sitting at a table closeby. They were talking, bragging and laughing about their sexual exploits.

In time, the nurse (A.K.A. "the pill lady") came to the Mod to give out daily meds to the inmates. After she arrived, the guys sitting at that table dispersed. One of them, Nick, came right to my table and started talking.

I looked Nick point blank in the eyes and said, "The Lord Jesus has something better in life for you than what you all were talking about." Nick smiled a little bit, and I again said, "You know I am right about this." Tears came to Nick's eyes, and he took in what was being said. Nick eventually confessed his sins and made Jesus his Lord.

I introduced Nick to Alex, the leader of a Life Transformation Group that meets in the Mod. Afterward, the three of us had a great time of talking and praying together.

At home a new man

Yesterday, after Trey and I prayed with Jay to receive Christ, Jay asked for prayer to be released from jail soon. He had been having difficulty trusting God with his release date.

"Jay," I told him, "God is for you, not against you. He sacrificed His only Son for you. You can trust Him with when you get released. He's already demonstrated His love for you. He will not do anything that does not lead to your good." We prayed and left it in God's hands.

A few hours ago, I got a phone call from Jay. He told me that he had just been released and knew he needed to call me as soon as he got home. I encouraged him to make sure he told his loved ones about what the Lord had done in his life.