Friday, December 05, 2003

“You can call me ‘L.A.’”

The thirty-two-year-old man was from south central Los Angeles. He was sitting in the informal “barber shop” area of the wing. “I’m from the L.A. area, myself. I lived in Cerritos and Buena Park,” Brian told him. “Oh, I know where that is. I used to live in Anaheim.” ‘L.A.’ continued to share some of his life story with Brian. Since being in jail he had lost contact with his wife and children. Even the police couldn’t find them.

Tim was also hanging out in the barber shop. He had always been skeptical about guys “getting religious” while they were in jail. But when invited, both Tim and L.A. agreed to come to the Bible study that morning.

Eleven men out of 50 showed up, a mix of Christians and unbelievers. At the end of the Bible study, both Tim and L.A. (real name Shawn) made a decision to receive Christ! Pray for these new believers as well as the others who are regularly accepting Christ. (Four men prayed to receive Christ at the Bible study the previous week.)