Saturday, May 01, 2004

Through a Window and into Jesus’ Arms

Upon entering the jail wing, Brian saw an inmate who had one arm in a cast, and whose other arm had cuts and scratches all over it. “My name is Eric,” the 20-year-old said. “What happened to you?” Brian asked. “Two guys broke into my house when I was asleep one night and tried to kill me with a baseball bat. I managed to get away from them by jumping through the window of my 2nd floor bedroom. All this is the result of my fall.” His wounds were fresh as this all took place only four nights earlier. This was his second day in jail. “I know that God woke me up that night because I usually don’t wake up even when the dogs bark. I just want to turn my life around. I don’t want the street life anymore.”

“Clearly God spared your life because He loves you and has a purpose for you. May I tell you how you can have a personal relationship with God, have your sins forgiven and receive eternal life?” Eric was eager to hear the good news of Jesus Christ and prayed to receive Him as Lord.

Pray for Eric to grow in his relationship with Christ. Praise God for Xuong, a Vietnamese man and former Buddhist, who was led to the Lord by Dave, Brian’s jail ministry partner. Pray for Willie, an inmate with whom Brian is going to start doing one-on-one discipleship.