Thursday, July 01, 2004

Eyes to see

“Would you like a Daily Bread devotional booklet to read?” Brian asked an inmate. “Sure, I’ll take one; but I won’t be able to read it until I get some glasses.” “Do you mind if I pray for your eyes?” “Go ahead.” After the man’s eyes were prayed for, he began reading the booklet without any difficulty. “Do you want to come to a Bible study?” “Not today,” he responded.

Brian was a little disappointed that the man didn’t want to come, but moved on. On his way to the Bible study, Brian happened to greet another inmate and patted him on the shoulder. God moved this young man, Tim, to come to the Bible study. Tim had grown up going to church, but wasn’t a believer. “I’m one of those guys who needs to see a miracle,” he announced to all of us gathered around the table. “My girlfriend just wrote me a letter and told me how much I needed God, but I don’t know.”

With that introduction, a couple of the men began to testify about what the Lord had done in their lives. One man, Aaron, movingly described what “life on the streets” was like for him—selling drugs, getting caught up in materialism, etc. “One time while in prison I got a phone call from my little girl,” Aaron said. “She told me, ‘Daddy, I was so excited because I thought you were finally home. I saw your feet in your bed and ran to you….But they weren’t your feet.’” As Aaron poured his heart out for several minutes, the atmosphere around the table was thick. Men were gripped as they could relate to Aaron’s story. Tim, the hardened, young unbeliever, was weeping uncontrollably. Having their spiritual eyes opened, Tim and another young man named, Triston, both prayed to receive Jesus as Lord! Pray that Tim and Triston would continue to grow in Christ.