Thursday, December 07, 2006

"You need a BOB."

I didn't want to go to the jail today. I had no motivation. It was so tempting to stay in my nice warm office and play computer Solitaire rather than walk to the jail in the wintry, Rochester weather. "God, despite my lack of desire, use me somehow."

I got to the jail pod on the second floor of the tower. Guys took calendars, daily devotionals and Bibles. No real interaction. Then I looked over and saw a familiar face.

I met "Aaron" almost three years ago. He was a regular attender in a jail Bible study I led. On one occasion, God used Aaron's heart of love to bring one man to Christ. On another occasion, Aaron shared his testimony and two men came to Christ. It's apparent to me that Aaron knows a lot of Scripture.

Aaron caught me up on his life since we last saw each other. He had been released, but was back in for using drugs. He said he had been in the Word, attending a church and trying to get his life on track. "Did you have a group of Christian brothers that you connected with when you were on the outside?" I started to ask him. "No, I didn't," he quickly answered. "That was something I was looking for, but never found it." I told him about a men's group at my church that we call Band of Brothers (BOB). "You need something like BOB, Aaron. We all need a place where there's someone to encourage us, pray for us, and kick us in the butt on occasion." We talked some more, prayed together and exchanged contact information.

Aaron may be out soon. I've seen how the Lord can use him. Pray that when he is released, he will get involved in accountable relationships where he can grow in the Lord, and help bring others to Christ.