Monday, April 25, 2005

"I want what my brother has."

Dave was visiting with several inmates one evening; Tom approached Dave and asked for a Bible. The group began to discuss why there is both a New and Old Testament in the Bible. Soon the conversation got focused on Jesus: who He was, why He came, what He did for us.

Although his mother was a nominal believer and his brother a “born-again Christian,” his father was Jewish and Tom basically grew up in a Jewish home. Tom went on to say that his brother often would talk about the Lord Jesus. The discussion came back to Jesus being the “Son of God,” and Tom said that he knew deep in his heart that this was true and wanted what his brother had. Tom responded to the gospel and accepted Jesus as his Savior and Lord.

Pray that Tom will get grounded in the Word, and be an effective witness to the Jewish community.

Monday, April 04, 2005

“Have you heard of the Vineyard?”

God led Brian to a section of the jail that he hadn’t been to in months. He started a conversation with Mark and eventually asked him if he had a church he went to when he is on the outside.

“Have you ever heard of the Vineyard?” Mark asked. Brian was amazed. It turns out he visited our church once about a year ago and knows a number of other folks connected to the church. Pray that he gets grounded in the Lord and His Word and comes back to VCC when he gets out.

Altogether, there were about eleven first-time or recommitments to Christ. The believers continue to gather for prayer and Bible study, and show a hunger for the Lord. Pray for more laborers to go into the jails. The harvest is ripe!

“C” Stands for “Christian”

Collice was notoriously known in the cell block as “Mr. C” and had been deliberately ignoring Dave. One night Dave was fellowshipping with some of the Christian inmates, and as “Mr. C” passed by their table, he mentioned that it would be good if he could meet “Mr. C.” Just like that one of the inmates at their table stood up and yelled: “Hey, Collice, get over here. David wants to talk with you!”

Collice and Dave had a very nice talk, and this rather tough, distant inmate turned out to be one with an open heart to the Lord. Collice received Jesus as his Lord and Savior, and has begun a Bible lesson program! Pray that Collice gets grounded in his faith, and be-comes a bold witness for Christ.