Tuesday, July 01, 2003

"Why are you here?"

Arriving on the fourth floor, Brian began his rounds on the catwalk. This section of the jail is reserved for youthful offenders. Brian was stopped by one young man.

“Hey, man, are you from the ‘hood?” the inmate asked.

“I’m from Los Angeles,” Brian answered him.

“Oh, you’re really from the ‘hood! What are you a Crip or a Blood?”

“Neither. I’m a Disciple…a disciple of Jesus.”

“Why are you here?”

“Because God loves the men in this jail and so do I.” Thus a conversation about the Lord began between Jasun and Brian. During the conversation, Jasun constantly mocked and accused Brian. Brian mentioned to Jasun that he was a pastor.

“You’re just ripping people off taking the church’s money.” At that moment, a deputy happened to be walking by and he said to Jasun, “Haven’t you heard that you shouldn’t muzzle the ox when it’s treading grain”? Jasun was dumbfounded. Brian was amazed that a deputy was actually helping him witness to an inmate. From then on Jasun, who was separated from Brian by two sets of bars, sat silently listening to him talk about the good news of Jesus Christ. Jasun was tired of his old life. He repented of his sins and made Jesus Lord of his life. Pray for his spiritual grounding and growth.

There are many spiritually hungry men at Monroe County Jail. Brian has seen four of them come to the Lord in four weeks. He has also met with and encouraged other inmates and believers. Pray that these men would grow in their faith and be used of God to bring salvation to other inmates. Pray for Brian and the men as he begins doing Bible studies in the jail. Brian is believing God for a revival in the jail. Pray that God would pour out His Spirit, save many men and set them free from the bondages of drugs, violence, sexual sin, and demonic influence.

Continuing to walk with Jesus is tough for any of us. It's especially difficult for inmates to continue on the right path once they are released. Pray that these men would get into fellowship with other men in the body of Christ.