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Help with countering "Da Vinci Code"

Trey has been reading The Da Vinci Code and it has really done a number on him. He is relatively young in the faith, and the stuff in this book has planted seeds of doubt in him. I'm really angry about that—not at him, but at this book! He was making steady progress, getting stronger, enduring mocking and encouraging other inmates. Then, it seems, that the devil went on the counterattack.

Trey is a reader; I believe he would be helped if he could get his hands on something intellectually sound from a Christian perspective. If anyone knows of solid Christian resources to refute the false claims made in this book, I would appreciate you posting a comment.

Thanks. And please pray for Trey.


Blogger Steve S. said...

Dallas Willard: The Craftiness of Christ

It is interesting that you brought this up right after I read the above linked article. It is not a refutation of the DaVinci Code (although Willard references it), but is rather a depiction of the way of Jesus.

But this way of Jesus is a radically different vision of who Jesus was and is, and the life He lived. ...and, as Willard points out, the Jesus of the DaVinci Code simply doesn't explain the historical Church that sprung up in the face of tremendous and intense persecution.

I am sure you have heard the analogy from counterfeit investigators. They don't spend a lot of time learning what fake money looks like, rather they intimately learn what true money looks, feels, smells like. It is this that allows them to easily detect a fake (sometimes intuitively even before they know exactly what is false about it).

I don't know if this article will help, but Willard will certainly help define what the "true" Jesus is like.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

There's a one page article from our church's news letter last spring. You can find it here
It is on page 9.

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Anonymous Heather said...

There is a book by Josh Mcdowell, I believe, that specifically refutes the Da Vinci Code book and all of it's deceptive and preposterous claims that have duped a lot of people! My Vineyard pastor (Vineyard North Jersey- Phil Chorlian is the pastor) passed them out to everyone last year. If you get a hold of Phil- he can tell you the name of the book! BTW- we are moving back to Rochester at the end of the week (which is where I am originally from) and my husband and child and I plan to check out your church! So- we'll see you very soon! -Heather (and Nathaniel and Sebastian)

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