Thursday, February 22, 2007

"No I don't; yes I do."

Dave was at the correctional facility a short while back. He met with a small group of Christian guys for prayer and fellowship. After the group disbursed, "Chris" sat down at the table with Dave. He was clearly in a discouraged and depressed condition.

Chris initiated the conversation with a huge open door: "I don't want to talk to you." Dave responded by telling him that he didn't have to say anything. "I'll talk and you can just listen." (Not so) amazingly, Chris did not leave the table.

After sharing how Jesus loved him and had good thingsfor him, Dave told him the good news of the Lord's forgiveness and salvation. Right there Chris confessed his sin, and received salvation!

As Dave was leaving, Chris came up to him smiling. "I feel so good now; thanks so much!" Dave explained to him what had happened, and that it was all the grace of the Lord Jesus. Dave encouraged him to continue to follow the Lord and get into the Word.

Sometimes people may show initial interest in the things of God, but ultimately turn away. This can discourage us. There are others who, at first, seemingly are not interested. But God may be testing us to see if we will sensitively persevere with them. There is no formula. Only let us seek to be led by the Spirit and to keep our eyes on what the Father is doing.


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