Saturday, October 07, 2006


Another from Dave:

I had no intentions to go Friday night as this is the time for intake processing of "weekenders." However, I felt the Lord prompting me to go so I did.

I first spent time talking and praying with Bill. Bill comes from a well-known and wealthy family in Rochester, but he was not open to the love and grace of the Lord Jesus. Pray for Bill that something of the Word and the Spirit will get through to this young man.

After this, I took the opportunity to check in on the first Life Transformation Group (LTG) in Mod B, made up of Mike, John and Novalus. Read about the beginning stages of this group here and here. Well, here it is: They have broken the first rule by having more than 3 guys per LTG without creating another LTG. They informed me that their LTG has over 20 men in it! And they meet for prayer every night at 9:30 p.m. in the southeast corner of the Mod. I was blown over! So they called over to the table about 6 inmates who individually testified to this. After the fourth inmate told me of his participation, I about fell on the floor.

Keep praying; the Lord is working! These guys are on fire.


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Praise Jesus!

Disciples are making disciples...

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