Tuesday, September 05, 2006

"I'm a spiritual person."

Dave and several others were sitting around a table last week talking about the Lord. Troy was listening intently to the conversation.

After a while, the “Pill Lady” came by the jail unit. The “Pill Lady” is the nurse who brings meds to the inmates. When she arrived, everyone but Troy got up to get their prescriptions. When he was alone with Dave, the first thing out of his mouth was: “I'm a spiritual person!” “That’s interesting,” Dave replied. “Tell me more.”

Troy talked at length about his spiritual life. Dave listened to Troy, and then shared the good news of Jesus with him. Troy accepted Christ that evening. Dave gave him a Bible, and wrote in it the day and time of his salvation. After talking and praying some more, Dave assured Troy: “The angels are rejoicing in heaven because of what has happened to-night (Luke 15:7).”

Let us also rejoice at what God has done!


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