Friday, July 07, 2006

"Now I fear God."

I normally go to the downtown jail, but yesterday I decided to go to the correctional facility to visit a man whom I had met in the jail. "Mitch" was transferred to the correctional facility to finish his sentence.

We talked about his release in August and what he would do after that. "I want to be baptized as soon as I get out. The last time I was in here [in jail], I had no fear of God. Now I'm afraid of God. I want to do His will."

"We've got a day of baptisms planned at my church soon after you get out," I told him. He was very excited to hear that. He said he wanted to become a member of the church. I encouraged him to get into a LTG, and a small group. I also encouraged him to participate in some newcomer activities, go through the membership class, and begin serving.

Mitch has a great heart, and eagerly wants to serve the Lord. Time in jail has humbled him. As we sat together, I watched him exhort and encourage a younger man. It really was beautiful to see Mitch speak the truth in love to this guy who was young and rebellious, and try to lead him to do the right thing. I need to tell Mitch how proud I am of what he did.

Pray that Mitch would stay on the paths of righteousness and walk the narrow road. Temptations await him when he gets out. Pray for wisdom for him to see the devil's tricks and to follow Jesus.


Blogger rowhedgepastor said...

keep at the fight brian, sounds like your doing a great work over there.
Lord bless this guy, give him wisdom and much fuit. Be with Mitch, many of your best have been through prison, keep him safe

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