Friday, July 07, 2006

Fruitful conversations

Dave was in the correctional facility last night. He met a man named "Santli."

Santli is a Muslim from Turkey. They had an enjoyable time talking together. (Santli was not open to praying yet.) Dave was pleased with the time they had together, and so was Santli. Dave says, "I can't explain it, it is most always a good time of sharing the Lord Jesus with these Muslims. Santli and I agreed to meet again."

Pray for continued good conversations between Dave and Santli. Praise God for an openness on Santli's part. Pray that the goodness of Jesus would pierce Santli's heart.

Two men received Jesus as Lord last night. One was a man named EJ. Dave had been sitting at a table with some other men. Dave says, "One of his [EJ's] fellow inmates literally pulled him over to our table, and then the Lord Jesus got to him!"

Pray that EJ and Glenn, the other new believer, would get grounded in their newfound faith and grow as followers of Jesus.


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