Tuesday, August 08, 2006


By Dave:

As soon as I entered the unit, Abe came up to me and wanted to talk. I have been trying to learn a little Spanish so that I can initiate conversations with Spanish-speaking people. I know I'll never be fluent, but it's a great conversation starter. To my surprise this unit has been mostly populated with Spanish-speaking inmates.

Abe and I sat down, and in short order several others joined us. It was interesting conversation as I tried as best I could to keep up the dialog with my Spanish. We all had a blast trying to improve my Spanish. Finally, we did some talking and praying in English. In the end everyone left except for a man named Ramon. Well, there we were, and Ramon got serious about the things of the Lord, and said he needed to get his life turned around. I shared the gospel with him, and Ramon understood (in plain English) what he needed to do. Ramon became a saved man.


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