Thursday, July 20, 2006

Two hungry souls

My family and I were away at a church conference last week. I, of course, did not make it to the jail. Dave went last week and met a couple of guys who were ready to get right with God.

Stan came from a stable and caring family. “He’s a rather decent kind of guy,” Dave noted, “but he got caught up in drugs and alcohol.” He openly said that he knew that he had “blown it”—especially as far as the expectations of his family. He wanted help to get out of the mess that he made for himself and his family. “There is so much help for you in Jesus,” Dave told him emphatically. “You need to turn to God in repentance, receive forgiveness, and accept Jesus as Savior and Lord of your life.” Dave continued to share with him about new life in Christ. After doing so, Dave recapped everything that had to be done. With little hesitation, Stan made a heartfelt turn to Jesus for salvation.

Jon is a middle-aged hippie who stated that he had totally gone astray in life, and had no hope. He said that he had “searched so hard” for God and needed God to forgive him and help him. Despite all of Jon's efforts he found nothing to satisfy his situation. “I know I am lost, and I don't know how I can be found,” he said. After Dave shared the gospel of Jesus to him, Jon received it with tears of joy. Before coming to Christ, all he could see was a wasted life. Now he found the forgiveness he so desperately longed for.


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