Thursday, August 03, 2006

Salvations and mockings

From Dave:

At the correctional facility, I sat down with Clarence. We started out the evening with a lot of sharing about the Lord. After a while, Clarence had to leave for an AA class and said, "I'll see you again; we have to continue this conversation."

By the time Clarence had returned from his class, Ryan and I were talking. Clarence joined us and then reminded me that we were going to continue our conversation about the Lord Jesus. Well, here we were, (Clarence, Ryan , and myself), and yes we all continued to share about the Lord and when it came decision time, both Ryan and Clarence received the Lord.

Ron, another man who came to Christ earlier that evening, joined the three of us. In a rather short period of time, Ron, Clarence, Ryan, and myself were having a nice, not so quiet prayer session, and it attracted a curious group. And all at once, across the Mod unit, there arose an inmate that was mocking our little prayer group. There were now two groups (the mocker group, and our little prayer group), and the unit deputy came over and got between us. Things settled down! I decided it was time to say my good-byes and graciously left.

You know, I've noticed that sometimes the people who mock the loudest are the ones who are closest to receiving Christ. Praise God for these salvations, and pray that the mockers would get saved, too.


Blogger Steve S. said...

I had a similar occurance in a work break-room. One of the guys asked the rhetorical question, "If you throw a rock at a pack of dogs, how do you know which one got hit?" The answer being, "The dog that yelps!"

Of course the analogy shouldn't be taken too far!!

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