Friday, September 22, 2006

Go get 'em!

From Dave:

I was sitting at a table with inmate Chuck. Chuck is a Christian, and we had a long time of talking and praying. I told Chuck it was time for another inmate to have the opportunity to hear about Jesus. I suggested that he find an inmate that he thought really needed the Lord in his life, and for Chuck to go get him and bring him to the table.

Chuck did exactly that! John approached and asked why I wanted to talk with him. Well, very bluntly, I told him why he was invited. John and I had an honest, direct discussion about salvation. It turned out that John had been quietly on his own trying to "understand Jesus." This was a "God job" from the beginning. John, this evening, received Jesus and made Him Lord of his life. We had a good time of talking and praying. John left a new man and with a Good News bible unit lesson.


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