Thursday, November 16, 2006

Long hiatus

It's been so long even I thought I had died. Actually, I was in Mali, West Africa on a mission trip for a couple of weeks at the end of last month. Before that, I didn't really get into the jails at all. I was focused on preparing for the trip. It was an amazing time. I definitely want to go back. I really saw the Lord move in people's lives. Many came to Christ, and many were healed of various conditions.

I so want to see the Lord move in power in the U.S.—and particularly here in Rochester—as I saw Him work in Mali. I think sometimes it's easier for me to have more faith in God's supernatural power in another country, than in the U.S. In many ways, it seems like unbelief is rampant in America. We think we don't need God. "We are rich, we have prospered, and we don't have need of anything." But we don't realized we are wretched, poor, blind and naked.

"God, we so need the power of Your Spirit in the Church in the U.S. Forgive us of our unbelief, pride, and independence. Have mercy on us! Give us child-like faith! Start with me, Lord! Deliver us from lukewarmness. You have given us so many resources, and You require that we use them for Your Kingdom. So many of our brothers and sisters in other parts of the world suffer for their faith, while we enjoy 'freedom of religion.' Yet, theirs is a faith more precious than gold refined by the fire. Father, revive and bring back to life the Church in the U.S. give us a renewed passion for Your Kingdom and for preaching the Good News. Empower us to proclaim Your Word with great boldness. Stretch out Your hand to heal and perform miraculous signs and wonders in the name of Jesus, Your Son. Amen."


Anonymous Yannick said...

Good to hear your trip to Mali went well. I can only imagine what an amazing experience it must have been. Any pictures from the trip to share?

I'd say that even in my own country, Jamaica, some people think we don't need God. I guess it's true of many other places. It's almost as if the only time people will call on His name is when they are having problems and sometimes even then, they blame Him.

Amen to your prayer.

6:03 PM  
Blogger Steve S. said...

I am so tired of compromising
I am so tired of lukewarm living
So here I am with arms wide open
Lord here I am my heart wide open

Set me on fire
Set me on fire
Set me on fire
Set me on fire

Take this heart of mine
Place your love inside
I want to go against the grain
I want to go against the grain

©1998 Mercy / Vineyard Publishing
Words and Music by Ryan Delmore

7:44 PM  
Blogger Brian said...


Yeah, we took lots of pictures. I'm not terribly blog-savvy, but I'll try and figure something out. "God, touch many lives in Jamaica."


Thanks for posting those lyrics. That song has new meaning for me now. God bless you guys out in Buffalo. BTW, we'll have to do Anchor Bar wings again sometime soon.

9:40 AM  
Blogger Steve S. said...

I would love to hang out and talk about your trip, and I would love to take you out to the anchor bar.

I have wednesday's off if you ever want to shoot over...

3:43 PM  

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