Friday, March 30, 2007

Something better

From Dave:

Early yesterday evening, there were several inmates sitting at a table closeby. They were talking, bragging and laughing about their sexual exploits.

In time, the nurse (A.K.A. "the pill lady") came to the Mod to give out daily meds to the inmates. After she arrived, the guys sitting at that table dispersed. One of them, Nick, came right to my table and started talking.

I looked Nick point blank in the eyes and said, "The Lord Jesus has something better in life for you than what you all were talking about." Nick smiled a little bit, and I again said, "You know I am right about this." Tears came to Nick's eyes, and he took in what was being said. Nick eventually confessed his sins and made Jesus his Lord.

I introduced Nick to Alex, the leader of a Life Transformation Group that meets in the Mod. Afterward, the three of us had a great time of talking and praying together.


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