Saturday, November 26, 2005

Breathing Easier

About two months ago, Dave met Santos. Santos had been walking with the Lord for a while, but fell away. Dave ministered to Santos and Santos rededicated his life to Christ. He got a fire in him to serve Jesus and asked for some Christian literature.

A little over a month ago, Dave was in a section of the correctional facility and met Jeff. Through the witness and testimony of Santos and another Christian inmate, Jeff became interested in Christ. He and Dave talked for a while, and Jeff ended up giving his life to Christ.

Jeff also had some physical problems. "I was in a house fire and suffered damage to my lungs from smoke inhalation," he told Dave. To demonstrate, Jeff coughed and brown/black fluids came out of his mouth. "This has been in my lungs for a while now. It's also been very painful to breathe." Dave prayed that God would heal Jeff's lungs.

A week later, Dave visited Jeff again. "Dave, I can breathe now with no discomfort!" Jeff reported excitedly. Jeff coughed for Dave again and the lung fluids were clear. They praised the Lord together.

Praise God for spiritual and physical healings. Pray that many more inmates would come to Christ through the testimony of Jeff, Santos and other Christians behind bars.


Blogger Bill Scott, Sr. said...

What an awesome testimony that our God cares for us and heals us.

1:33 PM  

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