Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Two Hungry Men

Eric approached Dave last night wanting to talk about his spiritual life. "I was baptized as a baby in the Catholic Church, but I was never confirmed. In fact, after I was baptized, I never went to a Catholic mass or went to confession."

Eric was curious and open about what the Word had to say about Jesus and salvation. Dave told him the good news about Jesus. Eric believed it and accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior.

Later, a man named Sam sat down and looked Dave right in the eyes: "I want to get these bad thoughts out of my mind and life. How do I do that and how do I get 'better' with God?"

Dave was excited about the opportunity to talk to a man so hungry for God. Just as Dave began to talk with Sam, an announcement came about a bible study taking place. Sam said that he wanted to attend that class. Dave agreed it was good for him to check out the class, and off went Sam.

Praise God for His amazing love! Pray that Eric gets grounded in his new faith. Pray that the Lord will continue to draw Sam to Himself. Pray that the inmates would not be distracted by things that will take their focus off God.


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