Saturday, October 01, 2005

Gladness instead of mourning

Mike approached my friend Dave one evening this week and silently pointed to a calendar on the table that he wanted. (Calendars are a popular item in the jails because the inmates can keep track of how much time they have left.) Dave interacted with Mike for a while, but the whole time Mike did not even look up. It was obvious that Mike was depressed. Dave invited him to sit down and talk.

"Jesus loves you very much," Dave told Mike, "and there is no way that you could run or escape from the Lord's love for you. There is hope and a future in God for you, Mike."

Well, that got Mike's attention. He finally lifted his head and made eye contact with Dave. The conversation got right to the point: "Mike, you're on a path that is not the best for you. You are doing your own thing just like so many. God demands that you repent and turn to Him. You will be forgiven, be made totally clean and have hope." Dave shared many Scripture passages with Mike to back up what he was saying.

The Lord showed Mike that he needed to choose to turn around, and that Jesus wanted the best for him. Mike finally received fully what the Bible said about becoming a new person in Jesus. Mike gave his life to Christ. There was quite a transformation when Mike understood his opportunity and received the Lord. He went from somber and expressionless to smiling and beaming. Keep praying for Mike that he would find his joy and strength in the Lord.


Blogger Yannick said...

That is wonderful that Mike gave his life to Christ. I hope he is able to walk faithfully with the Lord and strive to be like Christ.

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