Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Back in Rochester

We got back safely last week Tuesday about midnight. (I never know what day to call it when it's midnight...so how about we got back at 12:01 am Wednesday morning.) On Monday 8/8, we drove to Maryland to visit friends, got back Thursday afternoon, unpacked, did laundry, repacked, and flew to L.A. Friday morning.

The viewing for my grandfather was Friday afternoon. I wanted my kids (2 1/2 & 5) to go to the viewing for the experience. I had been talking to Hayley, my 5-year-old, about death, and I thought this was a good opportunity for her to see exactly what it means. At first, she didn't want to go in to see Granddaddy's body, but after everyone else went (including my son Isaiah), she decided to go through with it. They both did fine.

Saturday's funeral was a celebration of Granddaddy's life. I wore two hats: pallbearer and pastor. Granddaddy's pastor spoke encouraging words about his life of faith in Christ. I discovered more things for which to be proud of him. I was privileged to read Scripture and share personal reflections about him. My cousins' singing was full of the Spirit. There was hope and joy in the midst of sorrow and loss. My wife said it was the best funeral she had ever attended.

We enjoyed our time in California. We hadn't been back since Isaiah was a newborn. I was glad to reconnect with family members, and to (re)introduce Hayley and Isaiah to the Black side of their ancestry. (My kids are more familiar with my wife's family, all of whom are White.) Toward the end of our trip we saw some of her family, and I saw old friends. All in all a huge blessing. Maybe I'll throw in some specific highlights in future posts. Hope you all had a great couple of weeks.


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