Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Diamond in the Rough

Dave reports the following:

"Kevin" approached me and immediately entered into a lively conversation. Kevin is a young man completing a short sentence for drug-related charges. He had worked in a legitimate field of work. This establishment at which he worked also "blended" in some illegal activity as part of their overall business.

After a time, Kevin got down to some serious talk and said that he really needed help with his life as his release was just several weeks away. His concern was that although he had some serious training and certification working with jewelry and was in a business he loved, he was not right with God and certainly not OK with the illegitimate part of the business. The big question he posed was, "What should I do about my situation?" Wow what an opening! I told him first that certainly the Lord had good intentions for his life, but there is the problem of him continuing down the road he was going. The answer was to repent of his sins and receive Jesus as Savior and Lord of his life. Praise the Lord that he did this sincerely! His next question was, "What should I do now for employment using my skills?" I consulted him to totally trust the Lord for direction, do what is right and that his need for an honest job in his field would be resolved.

Brian's comment: This reminds me of when crooked tax collectors came to John the Baptist and asked what they should do now that they were turning their lives over to God. John told them simply, "Don't collect any more that you are required to" (Luke 3:12-13). Pray that Kevin finds honest work in the jewelry business, and that he stays on track with Christ.


Blogger Yannick said...

You got it Brian. I will definitely put some prayers up for Kevin.

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