Saturday, June 04, 2005

Tragic Loss

Dave reports:

Our brother in the Lord, Tom, was called "Doc" because he really was a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic.
He had a good medical practice, nice family, and home in the area. As a person to meet, he had a sweet, compassionate heart. Unfortunately, he also had a deep seated problem with alcohol and drugs. I am nearly convinced that even Tom did not know the depth of his addictions.

According to my records I met Tom on 01/13/05 and he received the Lord on that evening in Monroe County Jail. I remember most clearly that on 04/18/05, Tom and I prayed that when he was released from jail he would have the strength to avoid alcohol and drugs, and be focused completely on the Lord Jesus. Several times we prayed; and I shared with him (cautioning him) about the dangers of not focusing on the Lord continuously (even hour by hour)—especially when his release date came closer.

Unfortunately Tom died on 05/02/2005 of an overdose of drugs less than two hours after being released from jail.
I could say more but I am at loss, disappointed, and sad that our dear brother ended as he did but a good lesson for us all can be found in Prov. 16:25. May we always be focused on the Lord and what he has for us (I Cor. 15:58).


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