Tuesday, February 01, 2005

“Read it again, Dave”

One evening David was sharing Jeremiah 29:11 with inmate Robert about how God has a good intent for his life and purpose for his future. Robert was so blessed personally by that scripture that he asked that it be read to him again and again (3 times). Each time his face became brighter. When the gospel of grace and salvation was given to him, he seemed so open to receive Jesus into his heart and life. However, when presented with the decision to make Jesus Lord and Master of his life, Robert was guarded. He asked, “Can I still sell drugs to others and have Jesus as Lord of my life?” David said “No!”
Robert then replied that he could not, would not turn his life over to Jesus. David then presented that the word says repeatedly that “Now” is important to consider salvation of the Lord Jesus as there may not be another opportunity to receive such a great gift of life. Robert then walked away, leaving his “opportunity” behind.

Three weeks later, Robert approached David and said that he wanted what God had showed him in Jeremiah 29:11. He asked if it required him to have Jesus as Lord of his life. Dave said 'Yes.' Robert decided that he wanted it! That very evening Robert received Jesus as his personal Savior and Lord of his life!

Let's thank the Lord for the power of the Word, the help of the Holy Spirit, and God’s grace to save Robert and others that need the same measure of grace and love to be saved!


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