Sunday, August 01, 2004

A giant falls for Jesus

Willie, one of the inmates that Brian has been discipling, was known as “the preacher” in his pod. He led Bible studies and prayer meetings every day in his area. He has seen many fellow inmates come to the Lord. One day the Lord brought a very large Ghanaian man into Willie’s pod. Willie, himself, is a big guy, but this Ghanaian man dwarfed him. He felt intimidated when he saw him, but sensed the Lord telling him, “Go talk to that man.” “No, Lord! I can’t do it.”

Eventually Willie started a conversation with the man. He invited him to a Bible study and prayer meeting. At one point, the man commented to Willie, “You weren’t afraid of me. You approached me with humility.” The man got saved that day and was released from jail soon after. Pray for this man and for Willie who was also released last month. Pray that Willie and Brian would remain in contact.


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