Friday, October 01, 2004

“Can I do this too?”

Mitchell is an inmate who was fascinated by Dave’s ministry in the jail. We carry around a bag full of gospel material, which we offer to inmates. As we give away stuff, we try to get into conversations about the Lord. Mitchell was moved by the Holy Spirit and asked Dave, “This stuff that you’re doing, can I do it too?” Dave thought Mitchell was kidding and half-jokingly said, “Sure.” Mitchell took Dave’s bag and for the rest of that night started handing out evangelistic material and telling the men they needed to get saved. Dave’s bag was empty when Mitchell finished! Pray that the many seeds sown would bear much fruit. Mitchell says he wants to be a preacher.

We all can “do the stuff” of ministry. Whether you’re behind bars or God calls you to go to bars, take the bag that God has given you and heal the sick, minister to the poor, visit the imprisoned, and save the lost in the power of the Holy Spirit!


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