Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Fish jumping into the boat...

Dave reports the following: “I must tell you that tonight at the jail the Lord did things in most unusual ways: One by one, several inmates and I ‘shared and prayed’ all evening long. I was comfortable and thankful that what we were doing was fruitful, and finally one inmate named Hasani very sincerely responded that he wanted to be forgiven of sin and receive the Lord. So, I explained emphatically what and how we were going to pray, what it really meant, etc. Before we could start 3 other inmates appeared at our table and said that they wanted to do the same thing. So we all prayed aloud together!”

Praise God that, in all, thirteen men prayed to receive Jesus as Lord of their lives this past month. Pray these men would get grounded in their faith, and remain rooted once they get out of jail.


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