Thursday, June 16, 2005


I finally got a chance to talk to Donald. He is a believer with a zeal for the Lord. He asked for prayer for his wife and children who are struggling because he is in jail.

I had been wanting to talk to Donald for a while now. I had seen him a few times carrying out his ministry. About 15-20 guys gather every day in a section of the pod near the laundry facilities. They gather there because it's away from distractions and temptations. (Poker, trash TV and conversations filled with "darkness" draw in many.)

Donald leads this group of men. He preaches with a passion. He stands in the middle with a Bible in one hand, while emphasizing his points with the other hand. He addresses the group and individuals. Nobody is dozing off; they're following along in their Bibles. Every once in a while a newcomer will meander his way over to the group. Later, people share their experiences, insights from the Word, and difficulties. They close in prayer.

They don't pass a plate. They don't have a choir. But this truly is "church." And as one excited inmate told me, "God is working here!" Indeed He is. Pray that these men get grounded in the faith and find solid churches when they get out.


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