Friday, July 29, 2005

Fellowship at the table

Most of the time, my interaction with guys has been one-on-one. The positive side is that we can get into deeper conversations about spiritual things. On the other hand, it can be very draining.

Which is why I was glad to sit around a table with four other guys yesterday. Dee is a follower of Christ who just wants to get the basics down. Reed is a believer who has been in church music ministry, but "took a wrong fork in the road." Harp is an older gentleman with several teeth missing, an endearing smile and Baptist/Pentecostal background. Stan is the youngest at the table. He is not yet a follower of Christ, though he intellectually believes the truth of the Christian message. He had told me earlier that he has some fears about surrendering his life to Christ.

The five of us talked and laughed about life, relationships and church. Reed joked how his grandmother, an elderly saint, could not accept all the "new" music in the church. "Although that Kirk Franklin is alright," she would say. The interaction was good for my soul. And it seemed as if the feeling was mutual.

At one point, Reed looked at Stan and said, "I think I know what you're afraid of. You're afraid of not being able to live up to the standard of being a Christian." "You know," Stan replied, "you're right." Unfortunately, we got sidetracked and didn't pursue the issue with Stan.

Pray that Stan comes to understand that his salvation does not depend on his measuring up to a standard, but on faith in Christ and His righteousness. Pray that Reed will follow the Lord's path and be used in music ministry. Pray that all of these men would have deep fellowship with other believers when they get out.


Blogger Maiju said...

It's been good to read your blog. I guess the fear of being good enough as a christian is very common. I almost gave up my faith because I felt that I just can't live up those expectations. I had a long battle about that issue before I realized that God made me the way I am and why wouldn't He accept His own work! It really gave peace to my heart and that is something I'm going to hang on. He loves me the way I am!!!

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