Friday, May 05, 2006

Thursday Night

Dave got to the correctional facility a little late last night, and the attending deputy was in the "yard" monitoring the inmates for their evening exercise. Dave was in the outside hallway looking to get authorization by the deputy to get in. Inmate Tom saw Dave at the hallway window and walked to the "yard" to inform the deputy that Dave needed entry to the unit. The deputy "buzzed" him in remotely from the yard.

As Dave was coming in, Tom and all the others came in from the yard. "Thanks for asking the deputy to let me in, Tom," Dave said. Tom immediately wanted to sit and talk with Dave. As the two of them talked, Tom repented of his sins, and received Jesus as his Savior and Lord! After this, they continued talking and praying. There were many other inmates around at the time. Pray that Tom grows in his faith, and that seeds would be planted in the other inmates who were listening in the conversation.

Dave continues:
Joe is a Christian whom I just met. He sat down with me and outright asked that we talk and pray about how he could be used of the Lord to lead others to the Lord. "I want to help my fellow inmates better their walk with the Lord. Can you help me?" I agreed to mentor him (as best the Lord allows) to be an effective witness.

Not long after that, I ran into that I had met before named Ken. He is an inmate who months ago wanted salvation, but didn't want Jesus as Lord in his life because he did not want to give up the life-style of a drug dealer after his release. Praise the Lord that changed last night! Ken made Jesus Lord of his life.

Not only that, but I set up Ken and Joe in a Life Transformation Group (LTG). (LTGs are accountability groups of two or three people who meet weekly for prayer, confession of sin, reporting on Bible reading, and praying for unsaved friends. Click here for more info on LTGs and here to order brochures. No, I don't get a commission!)

The "Joe LTG" was born last night. This is the first LTG for this unit, and the first for Joe. Pray for many more! Last year, there were 14 LTGs going at one time and some great inmate prayer meetings.

Keep praying for the move of the Lord on these guys.


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