Friday, April 28, 2006

"I want to preach in the streets."

Rylie was moved from Monroe County Jail (MCJ) to Monroe County Correctional Facility (MCF) recently. I asked Dave to find him in MCF and continue encouraging him in the Lord.

Dave caught up with Rylie earlier this week. They had a long time of talking and praying together. As a former drug "distribution" person, Rylie now wants to totally preach the gospel to those in the street drug scene.

He'll be released in June and wants to get involved with some street evangelism opportunities that are coming to Rochester in the summer.

"I want to learn as much of the Word as I can, and use it for outreach," Rylie told Dave. Dave said he'd be happy to mentor him in that as much as he could.

Rylie is getting married in jail before his release so as to be as focused on the Lord as he (they) can. (His fiancée is a Christian).

Praise God for Rylie's continued growth in the Lord and desire to reach others for Christ. Pray that he will get grounded in the Word. Pray that he and his wife will center their marriage on Jesus, and that God will use both of them for His glory.


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