Friday, February 17, 2006

From the jailhouse to God's house

This past Sunday at the church I pastor, we received eleven new members and baptized three men. One of them was a former inmate named Mark. I met Mark in the downtown jail almost a year ago. Here is the story of me meeting him.

I had kept writing Mark while he was finishing up his time. In early October 2005, a few weeks before I knew he would be getting out, I encouraged him to come check out the church. I didn't really know whether I would see Mark again. Many guys have great intentions of coming to church once they get out, but so few do.

Well, Mark was there the first Sunday he was able to go. It was such a blessing to see him in regular clothes rather than the orange jumpsuit he wore as an inmate. I don't think he's missed a Sunday since. He completed the 4-week membership class, and shared his testimony on Sunday of Christ's work in his life. Mark is a guitarist and recently started practicing with the worship team.

Praise God for Mark's life! Pray that God would use him to touch many lives and to bring many more people to Christ.


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