Monday, January 30, 2006

Two in need of redemption

Last Thursday, I did a Bible study with Corey, David, Leonard, and Jerald. We had a good time of fellowship, prayer and sharing. Jerald performed gospel music before he went off the Lord’s path. "My wife and I were really used of the Lord before things took a downward turn in our marriage. After that, I made some bad choices which led me to the situation I'm in now."

At one point during our group prayer time, I felt led to pray specifically for Jerald. "Can I lay hands on you and pray for you?" I asked him. "Yeah, sure." I prayed that God's plans for him would come to fruition and that the Lord would restore him. I felt strongly in my spirit that the Lord had great plans for him.

When I finished praying, I noticed tears running down Jerald's face. I didn't ask what was going on inside while I was praying. I imagine it was a mixture of remorse over what was lost, but hope for what God could still do through him. Pray that Jerald continues down the right path, and is used of God once again. He has a heart to reach youth through his music.

Leonard believes he is called to pulpit ministry. "Instead of following that call, I followed the devil's call." Leonard has excitement, but needs depth and grounding in the Lord. Pray that he gets into strong fellowship with some other brothers in Christ.

When I told Jerald and Leonard that people would be praying for them, Corey and David asked for prayer, too.

Thanks for all your prayers for these men. It really touches their hearts to know that people care.


Anonymous Yannick said...

I must say some of the stories you have shared are quite encouraging. Hearing that these men are all getting to know our Lord more and more and are giving their lives over to Him. All I can say is Wow! and that God is truly good.

Keep on doing what you are doing. God Bless you all.

My prayers are definitely going out to you all and to those men.

9:48 PM  

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